Ep. 67 – They Came from the North, with Freddy Silva The Deep Share Podcast

On this episode of the Deep Share, returning guest and best selling author, Freddy Silva joins me to discuss his new book, Scotland's Hidden Sacred Past. Freddy has traveled all over the world and written many books tracing our human origins from one place to another, one language to the next, and from a string of locally sourced mythologies and folklore that all seem to echo a united beginning. From the northern most perspectives on the ancient past, I can say that Freddy's new book has successfully filled in a number of blanks for me and also opened a number of new doors to new questions. This was a lot of fun, Freddy's a gracious guest and helpful guide on our tour through history.Check out Scotland's Hidden Sacred Past! Thanks for checking out this episode of the Deep Share Podcast! DEEP SHARE this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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