Ep. 41 – Names & the Stories They Tell The Deep Share Podcast

On this episode of the Deep Share, Danunnaki Dan and I do some digging into the 13 tribes, the Tribe of Dan, and how pervasive the name Dan is. By following phonetic connections in names and places, we map out hidden aspects of a lost history that seem to all connect back to a much deeper saga. You could consider this episode, along with my episode with Joakim Häggström, as preambles to the our new show, Roots of Creation, premiering 11/11/21!! Enjoy!Danunnaki: the Rising From The Ashes Telegram! for checking out this episode of The Deep Share PodcastPLEASE FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!Visit The Deep Share Official Site:http://www.thedeepshare.comHelp support The Deep Share: Media: to be a guest on The Deep Share?contact@thedeepshare.comSUPPORT ALT MEDIA UNITED!!! this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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